Catalyst Market

About Catalyst Market

Welcome to Catalyst Market.

The first community-owned, non-profit marketplace bringing together social enterprises from around the world with a shared vision and values for creating a better world. 

Everything on Catalyst Market is handmade or home-grown – and created in accordance with the highest standards in ethical and sustainable production. 

So consumers are assured that every purchase they make has purpose.

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Our Story

“What started as a crazy idea, now has 100+ entrepreneurs jointly collaborating to create a marketplace that puts people and the planet first.” 

– Jeroo Billimoria, Social Entrepreneur, Change-maker and Co Founder, Catalyst 2030

Catalyst Market was created by members of Catalyst 2030 – the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs working to accelerate a transition to a regenerative economy and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

What started as a holiday gifting conversation among members has grown into a market that includes hundreds of social enterprises who collectively sell thousands of products from around the globe. 

A visionary community of social entrepreneurs has made these products available for purchase on a single, non-profit platform whose growth will in turn support the growth of microenterprises around the world. 

Welcome to Catalyst Market – a place where you can believe in what you buy, knowing every purchase is accelerating a transition to a regenerative and sustainable world.

The Ecosystem

Catalyst Market is a global marketplace – and a global community. 

We are a non-profit, volunteer-based, community run and member driven. We believe the world’s biggest problems can be solved through collective action and collaboration. And, that’s exactly how this market came to exist.

Learn more about how to get involved as a seller. And see a list of our verified members here.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Social entrepreneur fellowship organizations that helped to establish Catalyst 2030.

Our Supporting Partners: