Catalyst Market

Get Involved
We invite you to join our community of makers, artisans, growers and other social enterprises. It’s easy and free.

There are 3 criteria to participate in Catalyst Market.

Your enterprise needs to be:

  • A purpose-driven, Good Market approved enterprise
  • An enterprise with products available for online purchase either through your own website or through a partner store or marketplace
  • A Member of Catalyst 2030. Membership is free but all members sign a pledge, which you can see below.

Getting Started

There are a few simple steps to get started. First, submit this online form to create a free GoodMarket profile. At the bottom of the form, make sure to select “Catalyst Market”. Then, join the Catalyst 2030 network by filling out this free application form and attending a 1 hour induction call.

Catalyst 2030 is a network of social entrepreneurs that are committed to collaborating for systemic change around the world. You can see our website here and our Good Market profile page here.

If you decide to be part of Catalyst Market, you can list your products on the Catalyst Market homepage. Your products will appear on the home page, in search, in all of your network marketplaces, and on your profile page. They’ll also be shared through the global newsletters. The Buy button on each product will link to the product page on your own online store (or your preferred online channel).

If you have any questions about Catalyst 2030, we’re happy to help.

Catalyst 2030 Pledge

This Commitment serves as an anchor for Catalyst 2030 members. We are steadfastly committed to social justice, diversity, and inclusion and require every member to register their commitment, on behalf of their organization, to respecting the values and principles we uphold by agreeing to the following Declaration:

People and Nature at the Center
I commit to caring for people and nature and place them at the heart of what we do. I will respect the inherent value, equality, and dignity of all people. I will center my work around their wellbeing and growth and stand accountable to them for my actions.

Co-creative Mindset
I commit to acknowledging my own biases and silos and to seek to move beyond them. I will set aside my ego to collectively create value with others. I understand what I produce for Catalyst 2030 is non-proprietary.

Collaborative Leadership
I commit to act in the spirit of collaborative leadership, recognizing the need for empathic and compassionate leaders who listen deeply, respect diverse opinions and are sensitive to different cultural ways of communicating. I commit to share knowledge and credit our collective impact.

Humble Audacity
I commit to act with the audacity needed to achieve collaborative systems change and also with the humility to know that I cannot do this alone.

Spirit of Generosity
I commit to contributing actively to the mission, vision, and values of Catalyst 2030 with my knowledge, skills, time, and networks as needed and as possible. I commit to celebrating the shared success of achieving our collective goals.

Once a member seller has passed a community owned curation process with shared standards for people and planet, their enterprise becomes part of the Catalyst Market community, working continuously to improve, expand, grow and thrive.