Catalyst Market

Catalyst Gift Card
Great for gifts, employee recognition, special events, contest awards, customer appreciation, and so many other occasions.

Extend Your Brand’s Values and Give with Purpose, anytime of year.

With the Catalyst Gift Card, your employees will appreciate getting recognized with a gift that allows them to purchase with purpose from Catalyst Market.

Catalyst Market is the only global marketplace that integrates hundreds of social enterprise brands whose products have been curated for sustainable and ethical practices, putting people and planet first.

Catalyst Market Gift Cards

An initiative of Catalyst 2030, the largest network of award winning social entrepreneurs, Catalyst Market is part of a global network of governments, businesses and communities working to improve systems with bold new strategies. Your employees, family, friends, partners and all gift recipients will know right away that a gift from Catalyst Market is an investment in a better world.

How Does it Work

Buying Catalyst Gift Cards for your employees is easy and rewarding.

Simply click on the link below and enter the number of employee cards you wish to purchase. After you checkout, your gift recipients will each receive a digital gift card with their own code to enter, browse and purchase from hundreds of social enterprise brands, and thousands of products.

Benefits in Giving the Catalyst Gift Card

Everyone who receives your gift to shop at Catalyst Market will:

  • Be aligned with your brand’s commitment to sustainable, ethical and purpose-driven values and culture;
  • Be connected to a community of artisans, entrepreneurs, producers, makers, and leaders who are working for change through collaboration;
  • Be rewarded for talent and efforts with a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind and positively impacts people and communities around the world;
  • Be gifted with an opportunity to make a difference in the world;
    Be rewarded and incentivized with a message of sustainability;
  • Be inspired to spread your brand’s message around purpose, vision and values.